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If God loves us so much, why did he give us free will when he knew we would mess things up?

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Kambrea submitted this question: "If God loves us so much, why did he make a book of things that we can and cannot do then give us free will when…

When is the precise date of the second coming of Christ?

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John asks, "When is the second coming of Christ? Please give me a precise date." --- Hi John, Thanks for your question about the date of the second coming of…

Should Christians read books written by those in non-Christian religions?

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Luyesh asks about whether Christians should read books about other religions like Islam. Islam denies the deity of Jesus and his crucifixion for our sins. While it accepts much of…

The God of the Old Testament vs. the God of the New Testament?

| Apologetics, Bible, Ethics & Morality, Evil, God, Heaven & Hell, Judgment | One Comment
Jenni (from Michigan) submitted the following important and often-asked question: How can the God of the Old Testament be the same God as the New Testament? The God in the…

Does God choose who will be saved and who will be lost?

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Carla submitted this very difficult question: "I struggle mightfully, painfully, fearfully with the concept of God's Elect/Chosen. Does God choose some to be his own but not others? If so,…

Why are there times in the Bible where it seems like God seems to regret certain outcomes?

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Joe submits a question essentially like this: "There are times in the Bible when God regretted things. For example, the Bible says that God regretted making humanity after seeing how…

What Evidence is There, If Any, of Jesus’ Burial and the Empty Tomb?

| Bible, Crucifixion, Jesus, Resurrection | One Comment
Question submitted by Joseph L. on Room For Doubt's Facebook page:  "Is there any evidence outside the bible that Jesus was placed in a tomb to begin with, and not left…

Doubts about Jesus’ Resurrection

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“I’d like to become a Christian,” said John, a fast-talking, hard-hitting commercial banker. “But I still have a few questions that are hanging me up…” I was meeting with John…

How Easter Killed My Faith in Atheism

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It was the worst news I could get as an atheist: my agnostic wife had decided to become a Christian. This was not part of the deal when we got…

Miracles: How can anybody in this modern world believe in miracles?

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While some Christians believe that miracles continue to occur today, the more important question is whether miracles have ever occurred, especially the miracles described in the Bible—like the resurrection of Jesus from…

What does it mean to deny yourself, take up your cross daily, and follow Jesus?

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Kathy asks the question, "What's significant about Luke 9:23-27?" --- Hi Kathy, Luke 9:23-27 is an incredibly significant passage when it comes to recognizing both the costs and benefits of…

The Relevance of the Resurrection of Jesus for his Identity as God’s Son

| Crucifixion, God, Incarnation, Jesus, Other Worldviews, Resurrection | One Comment
How can we be confident that Jesus rose from the dead? Let us briefly identify four key historical facts that most scholars (whether liberal or conservative) accept about Jesus and…

If everyone is predestined and God does all the work, isn’t spreading the good news pointless?

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Ashton raises some questions about predestination based on John 15:16.  The key question is whether it’s possible that God has predestined some elect to bring Him glory and spread the…

Why is “heavens” plural in Genesis 1:1?

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In Genesis 1:1 the Bible says “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” If we talk about only one heaven, why is it plural? ----------------- Thank you…

Price of Peace

| Bible, Faith, God’s Will | No Comments
Getting a Christmas present for my mom was always hard. She never gave us anything solid to go on.  Every year we did this dance: We would ask her what…

Faith Affected by an Atheist

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Question submitted on the website: Hello! Big fan of your work on the site. Just wanted to let you know that recently, Dr. Richard Carrier, PhD, has been really taking…

Why believe the biblical flood story is historical when the Epic of Gilgamesh took place before it?

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Question submitted by Jonathan: How can I believe that the biblical flood story is historically accurate, when the Epic of Gilgamesh took place before it? Thanks for your question. One interesting thing is…

Are Angels Watching Over Us?

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When we think of “angels," we often think of a church Christmas pageant with little kids dressed in white gowns with feathery wings and a gold halo made of sparkly…

The USA and the Whore of Babylon

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Stephen writes, "Well if the USA is the whore of Babylon (it is), what should we pray for? We love the USA and it’s founding based on Bible principles! Is…

Does prayer change God’s mind? If not, what’s the point?

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Debbie raises some tough questions about the purpose of prayer.  Here's a quote from part of her website submission: "I can’t seem to settle on a belief about prayer.  I spent…

God “made” Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:21). Does this mean that Jesus Christ was not eternal?

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Eddie asks, What does it mean that God MADE him who had no sin to sin for us? The word 'made' sounds as if God made Jesus. But isn't Jesus…

Jesus’ Secret to Successful Home Construction

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The best stories in the life of Jesus are often told more than once. The story I am thinking of is found in both Matthew and Luke. It’s a very…

Did Jesus even live or was he just a legend?

| Crucifixion, Jesus, Resurrection | 2 Comments
Actually, the historical evidence for the existence of Jesus is considered excellent—even by historians who are not Christians. If one doubts the existence of the historical Jesus, then one would…

Who ARE You?

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I cannot think of many times when I have doubted God. However, I can point to a regular doubt in myself. I have struggled my entire life with feelings of…

Is It Cannibalism?

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One submitted post says it "sounds like cannibalism" when Jesus was talking about eating his flesh and drinking his blood. Is it cannibalism? RESPONSES TO CONSIDER: The issue points to…

Doubting God’s Goodness in a World Where Children Die

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Haley submitted this challenging question: I have anxiety that worsened after the birth of my ... children. Believing in God is something that is so important to me especially after…

I don’t doubt God exists, but does He care?

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Doubts about God can manifest themselves in many ways. In my life, I have never had strong doubts about God’s existence. From an early age I accepted that there is…

Perspectives on Science and Christianity

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Why didn’t God answer our prayers for the cancer and the agony?

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John writes about a young family member who fought cancer for six years.  He and his wife nursed her during the last three months of her life when she was…

If God is loving, how could He condemn people to an eternity of suffering in hell?

| God, Heaven & Hell, Judgment | 4 Comments
Remember, God has many attributes, and love is not the only one. In addition to being all-loving, it is equally true that God is morally perfect; and His moral perfection…

I know someone who is doubting. What can I do?

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I know someone who is doubting. What can I do? It’s not uncommon to encounter someone who is doubting. If you haven’t yet, you will. Although knowing and providing supporting…

OK, where did Cain get his wife? Why doesn’t the Bible explain this?

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Sheila submitted the following comment: I believe there is a God and Heaven. I also believe in life after death. The Bible is what I have questions about. I have…

What is the relationship between faith and works?

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John submitted a question regarding the relationship between faith and works. He writes, “The Protestant movement reminds us how deeds can’t get us into heaven.” But he goes on to…

Isn’t Christianity intolerant and narrow-minded?

| Apologetics, Jesus, Salvation, Tolerance and Intolerance | One Comment
This is an important and complex question. First, it should be acknowledged that some professing Christians are intolerant. They don’t like people who are not like themselves and they treat…

Doesn’t modern science show that God isn’t necessary?

| Cosmology, Creation, Origin of Life, Science, Universe | One Comment
Skeptics of Christianity often assert that Christians only believe in a so-called “God of the gaps.” This is the claim that Christians only believe in God because they see God…

The Bible is so old. Why should we believe that what we have today is what was written originally?

| Archaeology, Bible, Doubt, Holy Spirit | 2 Comments
It is true that we do not have the original texts of the books of the Bible. Nevertheless, we can reconstruct the original texts because we have thousands of copies…

How can a good and powerful God exist with all the evil in the world?

| Apologetics, Ethics & Morality, Evil, God, Pain & Suffering | 2 Comments
One common, and understandable, objection to the existence of the God of the Bible is the reality of evil.  It’s not just an intellectual issue; it’s a very personal and…

Worrying About What Matters

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I have this doll. I guess you could call it a “doll.” Actually, I have no idea what to call it. This was a big part of my childhood. My…

Did Jesus really exist? Don’t we have untrustworthy copies of copies of copies of the Gospels?

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One post on our website is from Don in Illinois.  His question and his comments expose very serious criticisms of the Christian faith.  If these claims are true, then the…

A Christian with Doubts?

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“Spiritual vertigo” – that’s what a friend of mine calls it. It’s that dizzying feeling you get when you suddenly sense that the arguments or claims you’re hearing have knocked…

How Can Old Testament Characters be so Old? Is this Realistic?

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Question submitted from Sharon: Hi, I had a friend ask me about people's age in the bible. They don't understand how people could live to be so old in the…

Does Christianity have the “Burden of Proof”?

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Atheists often state that since theists are the ones proposing that something exists—God—It is on them to prove his existence.  They hold that if God’s existence cannot be proven definitively,…

How can God forgive a past double-life that involved intentional sin and help me deal with doubts?

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One website submission confesses to a double life--professing to be a Christian but knowingly continuing to sin.  This person has more recently come back to God but wonders how God…

Why the “Forbidden Fruit”?

| Ethics & Morality, God, Meaning | No Comments
Submitted question from Kirra:  If God is all knowing, why didn't he leave the forbidden fruit out of the garden, knowing that Adam and Eve would eat it? This question…

4 Righteous Responses to Evil (and Which Ones Are in Our Job Description)

| Apologetics, Ethics & Morality, Evil | No Comments
“If I try and bend that far . . .” Tevye is a Hebrew milkman in czarist Russia with a snappy wife, five daughters, and very little money. We meet…

What would you do if you had the feeling that life would be better if you were dead?

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The idea that life would be better off without us is powerfully presented in the 1946 film, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” George Bailey asked himself this very question. But when…

The New Website and Mobile App are here!

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The new Room For Doubt website and mobile app are here!  The full website has an amazing fresh look and powerful functions. The brand new mobile app lets you take…

First Video Animation Now Available!

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Our first video animation is NOW available to share and use as a valuable conversation tool.  After months of writing and refining the script and the animations, we are pleased…

The New Website and Mobile App are here!

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The new Room For Doubt website and mobile app are here!  The full website has an amazing fresh look and powerful functions. The brand new mobile app lets you take…

Room For Doubt Promotional Video

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What is Room For Doubt? Why is it important to address doubts and ask questions about faith? Watch this promotional video to learn more.

My parents are constantly judging me. Can God love me if my parents don’t?

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A 15-year old in a Christian home says that her parents are constantly judging her for her behavior. "I don't understand how God could love me if my own parents…

Help! I don’t know if God exists or not. I don’t want to waste my life on something false.

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One website submission says: "I am currently in a pretty sticky situation with my faith right now. I don't know if God exists or not, and I don't want to…

Having major emotional doubts about God. I need to believe again.

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Deborah submitted the following: I'm ... currently going through emotional doubts about God. It scares me so much that I have sleepless nights and panic attacks because I’ve been a Christian…

Wondering about God’s existence prompts panic attacks. Need help.

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Emma posted the following submission on the website:   I have panic attacks everyday about whether God is there or not. I used to believe whole heartedly but it's so hard…

About Room For Doubt

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Room For Doubt provides space to ask sincere questions and express genuine doubts about the Christian faith. By encouraging questions and addressing doubts, we hope to strengthen your faith. We have many…

Are Abraham and Moses just mythical people?

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Nicole asks: "What if Abraham and Moses (as well as other characters in the Old Testament) were just myths used to give Israel an identity as a people? Some Bible…


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Evil and God: With all the evil in the world, how can an all-loving, all-good, and all-powerful God exist?

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The existence of evil and the existence of God are not contradictory. In fact, the message of Christianity—that God became flesh and died as a servant on a cross—presumes the existence…

The Existence of Jesus: How do we know if Jesus even lived?

| Jesus, Quick Help | No Comments
Many historians who are not Christians consider the historical evidence for the existence of Jesus as excellent. For example, Bart Ehrman, a prominent and popular critic of Christianity who teaches…

The Resurrection of Jesus: Was Jesus really raised from the dead?

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Four historical points are widely acknowledged by Christian believers and non-believers. (1) Jesus was crucified by the Romans, as numerous sources from the first century confirm. (2) Jesus’ tomb was…

The Trinity: How can we make any sense of the Christian idea of the “trinity”?

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The “Trinity” does not mean there are three gods. There is but one God who exists in three persons. Only one God has the nature or essence of God; but three persons share that essence.…

Christian Intolerance: Isn’t Christianity “narrow-minded” and intolerant?

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Some professing Christians may be narrow-minded and intolerant. But it’s not fair to characterize the intended nature of Christianity based on what particular people do. Christianity does make significant truth-claims—claims about…

Hell: What about Hell? Sending people to hell sounds so unfair and unloving.

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It is true that the Bible talks about hell. Jesus Himself referred to it many times. It may seem like an “unloving” thing, but we should remember that God is…

The Bible: How can we trust such an ancient book? Why should anyone think that it’s reliable?

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The texts of the Bible. While the Bible presents one overarching story, it is not just one book. It is a collection of 66 books (the Protestant version) produced by about 40 different…

Science and God: Doesn’t science show that an existing God isn’t possible or is unnecessary?

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Science cannot demonstrate that God does not exist. Even Richard Dawkins, the flamboyant atheist from Oxford University, concedes this. If God is a non-physical Being, no empirical investigation can demonstrate…

God’s Existence: Isn’t God completely “made up”? Why should anyone believe that a God actually exists?

| Ethics & Morality, God, Meaning, Origin of Life, Quick Help | No Comments
1. God is a very reasonable inference to explain the origin of the universe. One basic argument pertaining to the universe is the following: Whatever begins to exist must have a…

Confronting Questions-with complications from concussions

| Faith, God, Meaning | No Comments
When I began my sophomore year of college at the small, Christian university I attended, I experienced three concussions in the month of September.  It became hard to think, and…

Couldn’t God have created the universe “in seconds”?

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Joby submitted a comment on our website that relates that Genesis 1-2 talk about God finishing His creation "in six days." But he asks, if God is most powerful, "why can't…

Aren’t Christians inconsistent if they tell others what to do?

| Apologetics, God, Tolerance and Intolerance | No Comments
KL submitted some interrelated questions: 1. What is considered to be a good Christian? Every day I ask these questions to myself. Especially lately. Isn't part of the teaching is to…

Twenty Arrows of Truth

| Apologetics, Archaeology, Atheism, Bible, Cosmology, Creation, Crucifixion, Doubt, Ethics & Morality, Evil, Faith, God, God’s Will, Heaven & Hell, Holy Spirit, Incarnation, Jesus, Meaning, Miracles, Origin of Life, Other Worldviews, Pain & Suffering, Resurrection, Salvation, Science | No Comments
These arguments – from science, philosophy, history, experience, and facts related to the Bible don’t completely prove that Christianity is true. But, taken together, they make a compelling, cumulative case…

Same sex attractions and homosexual sexual behavior

| Bible, Tolerance and Intolerance | One Comment
Barbara's submission on our website is as follows: I agree with the view that same sex encounters were/are abominable in the sense that men raped other men as a form…

If you really believe, is it OK to doubt?

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Robert submitted the following statement on our website:  "I believe that God exists Jesus is His son and it is not OK to doubt this!" Let's address the implication of…

What about the age of the universe? Young or old?

| Cosmology, Creation, Evolution | One Comment
Tim, from Ohio, submitted the following: Many people at my church and many Christians in general often argue that the creation story in Genesis is meant literally, which leads them…

A Child Lost…Physically and Spiritually. What to Say to a Parent?

| God, Heaven & Hell, Judgment | No Comments
A website submission poses the question about what to say to a parent whose child died without having a faith-relationship with Christ.  The parent might say something like this: “If…

Old Testament “Giants” and “Fallen Angels”

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Wes asks this question:  "I've heard stories about the different giants that are in the bible as to how they came about and why they were so big. Could the…

How Can What We Do Here Not Matter At All?

| Ethics & Morality, Meaning, Pain & Suffering | No Comments
: I guess the core of my question is this: How can what we do here not matter at all? There are so many times that I wanted to curl up…

Some Considerations for Why I Believe

| Bible, Doubt, Faith | No Comments
When I look around my house, or take a walk outside something strikes me. Everything I see had a beginning and a creator or designer. Why should we expect it…

Problems with Old Testament Texts on Samson

| Bible, Doubt | No Comments
Submitted Question:  (See bottom for another related question and answer) I grew up in the Church and came to the conclusion myself that it was important to accept all of…

Lessons From My Garden: Testing Produces Endurance

| Faith, Jesus | No Comments
Lessons From My Garden Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies. It is no surprise to me that the Bible is filled with garden metaphors for life, for the discipline…

One Sojourner’s Story

| Apologetics, Bible, Doubt, Faith, Prayer | No Comments
I grew up in a neighborhood that became inner city while I was in elementary school.  In junior high I attended church with my uncle and soon accepted Christ, being…

Finding God on Saturday Night

| Apologetics, Bible, Faith | No Comments
Every Saturday night for 39 years, at 11:35 pm EST, in a studio in New York City, a voice can be heard yelling “Live from New’s Saturday Night!” As…

I am afraid God isn’t real

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Submission by Eon:  So I have a huge fear. I'm afraid that God isn't real and that we would spend our whole life chasing after a God that's not real.…

Why Hell?

| Bible, Creation, God, Heaven & Hell, Judgment | No Comments
Question Submitted by Kyle (in Arkansas): I have several questions here and I assure you they are sincere. Why did God create humanity when He knew the vast majority would…

Bias and Searching for Truth

| Faith, God, Other Worldviews | No Comments
Submitted Question/Comment from Elise (in Vancouver):  Once one has already decided that faith and God seem to make more sense as a cultural creation, rather than a reality, is it…

What is “Faith”?

| Bible, Faith | No Comments
A visitor on our website named Grace submitted several good questions about faith (e.g. what is it? where does it come from? how do we get it?)   The very nature…

Learning From Elijah

| Bible, Faith, God | No Comments
The worst day of his life came on a day that should have been his time of triumph. Elijah the prophet had boldly and publically proclaimed himself “The only prophet…

Developing a Confident Faith

| Apologetics, Bible, Faith | No Comments
“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”  (2 Tim. 1:7 NLT)     God did not give us a…

Mere Christianity: Defining the Scope of What Needs Defense

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In his most recent book, Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion and Naturalism the world-class evangelical philosopher, Alvin Plantinga, called upon Christians to desist from becoming embroiled defending “biblical concerns” that…

My Journey From Skepticism to Faith

| Atheism, Doubt, Faith, Salvation | No Comments
It’s been an interesting journey. I moved to Denver two years ago. The bar scene was more trouble than it was worth and I needed to find a better way…

In the Nick of Time

| Death, Salvation | No Comments
“See to it that no one misses the grace of God….” – Hebrews 12:15 I’ll confess I was always a little afraid of Leslie’s dad. He was a brusque, highly…


| Cosmology, Faith, Meaning | No Comments
Sometimes I wonder If I am some sort of cosmic analogysimply created to show Your size, and it is in these moments, I beg: remember me. These thoughts often visit meas…

Doubt in God comes in many forms

| Doubt, God | No Comments
Some of the doubt is intellectual, wondering if this universe is the kind of place that truly has an explanation, and, if it is, whether that explanation would be anything…

A “Home Tour” with Rich Knopp

| Apologetics, Archaeology, Bible, Creation, Death, Ethics & Morality, Evil, Evolution, God, Heaven & Hell, Home Tour, Incarnation, Jesus, Meaning, Origin of Life, Other Worldviews, Pain & Suffering, Prayer, Resurrection, Salvation, Science, Universe | 5 Comments
I want to take you on a “home tour” to explain why I live in my house that’s located in the subdivision of Christianity—why, that is, I believe in God,…

1. My Geography Room

| Home Tour, Other Worldviews | No Comments
Welcome to my geography room.  I have many maps in this room, but the most significant one for me is the map of the United States. I was born in…

2. My Family Room

| Faith, Home Tour, Jesus, Meaning | No Comments
My experiences captured by the memorabilia in my family room have also greatly contributed to who I am and what I believe. On the wall over the piano, I have…

3. My Church Community Room

| Home Tour | No Comments
This room has a lot of pictures of church buildings, Sunday school classes, and Christian conferences and conventions. (Like I said in the family room, I was a preacher’s kid.…

4. My Theology Room

| Home Tour | No Comments
God is the central theme of this room. The word “theology” literally means “study of God.” Yet, as most everyone knows, there is a very wide spectrum of beliefs about…

5. My History Room

| Creation, Crucifixion, Home Tour, Jesus, Resurrection | 2 Comments
My history room is huge and filled with classic works of art that depict God’s activity throughout all of human history. Among my favorites are Michelangelos’ “The Creation of Adam”…

6. My Personal Adversity Room

| Faith, Home Tour, Pain & Suffering | No Comments
The exhibits in my room of personal adversity are not extremely unusual, although you might be curious about the optometry equipment and the diagrams of eye anatomy on the table.…

7. My Philosophy Room

| Ethics & Morality, Home Tour, Meaning | One Comment
Most people expect that my philosophy room would have a lot of pictures of famous philosophers. I have a few, but not many. They are surprised, however, at how many…

8. My Anthropology Room

| Home Tour, Meaning | No Comments
My anthropology room adjoins my philosophy room with a large opening between them. In fact, it’s hard to tell where the dividing line is between the two. Anthropology is a…

9. My Cosmology Room

| Cosmology, Home Tour | 3 Comments
My cosmology room has a large transparent skylight and an 8-inch GPS computerized telescope next to the big window. It’s all designed to help me and my family gaze in…

10. My Biology Room

| Evolution, Home Tour, Science | One Comment
As you’ve probably noticed, this is the science wing of my house. We’ve just walked through the Anthropology and Cosmology rooms, and now we come to my Biology room. I…

11. My Mortality Room

| Death, Heaven & Hell, Home Tour | No Comments
As we walk into the room of mortality, you will notice that the aesthetics of the room are dramatically different. We are not looking at scientific instruments or contemplating the…

12. My Eternity Room

| Faith, Heaven & Hell, Home Tour, Jesus, Resurrection | No Comments
My eternity room is the last one we’ll walk through today. One strange thing about it is that it looks like the East side of the room goes on and…

Home Tour Conclusion

| Apologetics, God, Home Tour | No Comments
Well that concludes my home tour. Thanks so much for joining me.  If you haven't visited all of the rooms yet, I encourage you to do that.   I hope it’s…

If God really exists, why does he seem so hidden? Why doesn’t he make himself more obvious to us?

| Cosmology, Creation, Evolution, God, Origin of Life, Other Worldviews, Science, Universe | No Comments
There is no doubt that God could make His existence more obvious to us. For example, God could appear to every person on a daily basis and remind them that…

Don’t miracles violate the laws of nature? Isn’t that just unbelievable?

| Bible, God, Jesus, Miracles, Science | One Comment
These questions mirror the ones raised by the eighteenth-century Scottish philosopher David Hume. Hume lived during the Enlightenment, a time in Europe when many believed that there is no need…

Christians claim that God is a “trinity” – one God in three persons. But how can that make sense?

| God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Trinity | One Comment
Many people, including non-Christians, know that the “trinity” is an important doctrine in the Christian faith. But it may surprise some to hear that the word “trinity” does not appear…

Did People Doubt In The Bible?

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Intolerance-With Greg Koukl

| Judgment, Tolerance and Intolerance, Video | No Comments

Is Jesus the Only Way?

| Faith, Jesus, Salvation, Video | No Comments

Should Christians Be Tolerant?

| Bible, Judgment, Tolerance and Intolerance, Video | No Comments

Suffering and Evil: The Probability Version

| Apologetics, Bible, Doubt, Ethics & Morality, Evil, God, God’s Will, Pain & Suffering, Video | No Comments

Suffering and Evil: The Logical Problem

| Apologetics, Bible, Ethics & Morality, Evil, God, God’s Will, Pain & Suffering, Video | No Comments

Why Does God Allow Suffering And Evil?

| Apologetics, Bible, Evil, God, God’s Will, Judgment, Pain & Suffering, Video | No Comments

How Do We Tackle The Problem Of Evil?

| Apologetics, Bible, Evil, God, God’s Will, Judgment, Pain & Suffering, Video | No Comments

Did Jesus Think Jesus Was God?

| Apologetics, Bible, God, Incarnation, Jesus, Trinity, Video | No Comments

Do The Gospel Accounts Disagree?

| Apologetics, Bible, Holy Spirit, Video | No Comments

How Do We Show Someone The Bible Is Trustworthy?

| Apologetics, Bible, Holy Spirit, Meaning, Video | No Comments

Is The Bible Historically Reliable?

| Apologetics, Archaeology, Bible, Video | No Comments

Does God Exist?

| Apologetics, Bible, Faith, God, Video | No Comments

Dealing with Doubts?

| Apologetics, Bible, Doubt, Faith, Video | No Comments

How Can A Christian Deal With Doubt?

| Bible, Doubt, Faith, God, Video | No Comments

How Can I Trust The Bible If Man Wrote It?

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Video Resources: “Is It Intolerant To Say That Jesus Is the Only Way?”

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Additional Resources for "Is It Intolerant To Say That Jesus Is the Only Way?" Is Jesus the Only Way? by Bobby Conway (2:05). Should Christians Be Tolerant? Interview with Frank Turek by…

Video Resources: “Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering?”

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Additional Resources for "Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering?" Why Does God Allow Suffering and Evil? (2:24) Interview with Brett Kunkle by Bobbie Conway How Do We Tackle the Problem…

Video Resources: “Why Do Christians Say That Jesus is God’s Son?”

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Additional Resource for "Why Do Christians Say That Jesus is God’s Son?" Did Jesus Think Jesus Was God? (2:16) Interview with J. Warner Wallace by Bobbie Conway

Video Resources: “Does God Really Exist?”

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Additional Resources for "Does God Really Exist?" The Kalam Cosmological Argument (4:12) The Moral Argument (5:01) The Fine Tuning of the Universe (6:26)

Video Resources: “Is Doubt Always Bad?”

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Additional Resources for "Is Doubt Always Bad?" How Can a Christian Deal with Doubt? (1:30) by Os Guinness. Did People Doubt in the Bible? (1:53) by Bobby Conway. Dealing with Doubts? (3:38) with…