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Apologetics Scholarships

Room For Doubt is pleased to help promote a significant apologetics scholarship program with the generous support of a private foundation. These scholarships are designed to encourage and enable students to receive specialized preparation in Christian apologetics. Scholarships up to 75% of tuition costs are available for approved apologetics programs. The current list of approved programs is displayed below, although other programs may be added in the future.

In addition, in conjunction with another Christian ministry, Room For Doubt is planning to create non-credit certificate program in apologetics for which apologetics scholarships may be available.

Who Can Receive a Scholarship?

Apologetics scholarships are intended for those who are currently in, or who are planning to serve in, church leadership ministry or in a related ministry where apologetics would be utilized.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Check out the information below and contact Dr. Richard Knopp, Executive Director of Room For Doubt.

Email Dr. Rich Knopp

Apologetics Scholarships

Scholarships at SES

“Frank Turek Scholarships” are available through Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. For details, click the link to learn more.

Scholarships at PBA

“Paul Copan Scholarships” are offered at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida. For more information, click on the link below.

Apologetics Scholarships (Non-Credit Option)

In partnership with another Christian ministry, Room For Doubt is helping to develop a non-credit Certificate in Apologetics. This twelve-course program will be designed for church and parachurch professionals who want excellent instruction, practical applications, personal mentoring, and valuable peer interaction. It will be ideal for those who do not currently have the time, desire, or money to pursue an academic degree. However, we plan to partner with several Christian colleges and seminaries so students can pursue related academic degrees if desired. Courses will be taught by experienced experts in Christian apologetics. For more information, contact Dr. Rich Knopp.