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I want to take you on a “home tour” to explain why I live in my house that’s located in the subdivision of Christianity—why, that is, I believe in God, follow Jesus, and try to live a Christian way of life.

If you don’t currently live in this Christian subdivision, I hope you’ll eventually decide to move in. You will have to select your own house, and you will probably be attracted to one that has a different floor plan. If you do currently live in this Christian subdivision, I hope you’ll come across some considerations for why you should stay and not move away. Maybe you’ll be prompted to buy a bigger house or add a room or two to the one you have.

My house has twelve main rooms. I’m not sure how I ended up with twelve. As far as I know, I was not thinking of the number of Jesus’ apostles, an athletic conference, or a carton of eggs.

It’s possible for you to wander through the rooms in whatever order you choose. But it’s best if you go through the rooms as they are numbered, because some things will make more sense as the tour progresses. You don’t need to do all the rooms at one time. Feel free to visit a few rooms and come back later to continue the tour.

I hope our tour will give us a lot to talk about. Let’s begin with my geography room.

  1. Geography Room
  2. Family Room
  3. Church Community Room
  4. Theology Room
  5. History Room
  6. Personal Adversity Room
  7. Philosophy Room
  8. Anthropology Room
  9. Cosmology Room
  10. Biology Room
  11. Mortality Room
  12. Eternity Room
  13. Home Tour Conclusion
Rich Knopp

Executive Director of Room For Doubt and presenter for Room For Doubt seminars and workshops at conventions, conferences, colleges, Christian camps, and churches. He provides and manages content on the R4D website and app. His personal webpage can be accessed at