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Well that concludes my home tour. Thanks so much for joining me.  If you haven’t visited all of the rooms yet, I encourage you to do that.  

I hope it’s been obvious that I love my house.  I’m very satisfied with living here and with living in this Christian subdivision.

If you already live in this subdivision, I hope you have appreciated some of the features of my house. Maybe you’ll decide to incorporate a few of them into your own.

If you currently live in a completely different subdivision, I hope this tour will prompt you to consider a move or at least to find out more about this location. I’d love to have you as a neighbor!  However, if you decide not to move right away, you’re still always welcome to stop by for a visit.  By the way, I’m very interested in hearing about your house and your neighborhood, so please stay in touch. This website makes it easy to do that.  Feel free to submit your questions about the tour.

Go to the Home Tour Welcome and the List of Rooms.

Rich Knopp

Rich Knopp

Program Director of Room For Doubt and the presenter for Room For Doubt’s seminars and workshops at conventions, conferences, colleges, Christian camps, and churches. He provides and manages the content on the R4D website and mobile app and writes the scripts for the program’s animated videos.