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Our first video animation is NOW available to share and use as a valuable conversation tool.  After months of writing and refining the script and the animations, we are pleased to present, “Grandpa, Why Do You Still Believe?” It’s a reflective narration from a grandson who is having questions and doubts about his Christian faith–the experience that many Christian youth have today!  He interacts with his grandpa who says it’s okay to ask tough questions about Christianity. But grandpa also guides the grandson to “compare the alternatives” just as carefully and critically.

Why should anyone consider (or reconsider) the claims of Christ and Christianity?  Watch and share this animation!  It covers a lot of ground and is worth viewing again and again.

  • “Grandpa, Why Do You Still Believe?” on VIMEO.
  • “Grandpa, Why Do You Still Believe?” on YOUTUBE.