While many good resources are available on the Christian faith (in books, websites, videos), here are some resources that are especially recommended by Room For Doubt. These resources include suggestions for books and websites along with brief descriptions of each item.

Resources for Church and Christian Leaders

For understanding contemporary culture and for effectively presenting and defending the Christian faith.

Resources for Teens and Young Adults

To help younger adults navigate the challenges of faith.

Resources on Science and the Christian faith

To help youth and adults think about the relationship between science and the Christian faith.

Truth About God: What Can We Know And How Can We Know It?

  • Ch. 1: The Biblical Emphasis on Truth and Its Defense
  • Ch. 2: Challenges to Knowing Truth About God
  • Ch. 3: How Can We Know Truth About God?
  • Ch. 4: What Truth Can We Know About God?
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Slipping Through The Cracks: Are Some Lost Who Would Have Been Saved in Different Circumstances?

  • Ch. 1: The Soteriological Problem of Evil and the Contigently Lost
  • Ch. 2: An Explanation and Defense of Molinism
  • Ch. 3: Assessment of Existing Molinist Theodicies
  • Ch. 4: A New Molinist Theodicy Against the Problem of the Contigently Lost
  • Ch. 5: The Applicability of the This Theology to the Broader Problem of Evil
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