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Our App is a convenient resource to help anyone with questions and doubts about the Christian faith. You can quickly search topics, watch videos, read articles, and easily share with others.  Take it wherever you go and use it in your conversations.  The “App” refers to the Web App (for browsers), the iOS App, and the Android App. All three look and function the same.

For those who purchase our “Basic Questions” curriculum, we provide a license key that allows participants (entire churches or groups) to unlock and access the discussion guides and other resources within the App.


A resource for everyone.  Addressing Doubts and Strengthening Faith.


Quick access to popular topics, search, and the latest articles and videos. You can also add items to your list of “favorites.” 


We have a growing number of videos and articles from a variety of contributors – answering tough questions about the Christian faith.


Got a sincere question about the Christian faith? You can submit your question for our R4D team to answer.


For those who purchase our “Basic Questions” curriculum, we provide a license key to unlock and access the discussion guides and other resources within the App.

Access the app on your computer, tablet, or phone.

The app works in any web browser as well as on Android or iOS.

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Download the QR code and use it in slides or share it in email, text messages, and social media.  It conveniently and quickly links to this page.  Also, download app graphics to use in slides (Keynote, PowerPoint) in both 16×9 and 4×3.

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