Room For Doubt (R4D) provides a wide variety of resources to help youth and adults who have sincere questions and doubts about the Christian faith. It seeks to encourage questions, address doubts, and strengthen faith.

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History & Development


Room For Doubt began in late 2013 as a grant-funded project at Lincoln Christian University.  Its first initiative was a six-week sermon and discussion series for churches and other ministries. The first edition of the curriculum was written by Mark Mittelberg and Garry Poole.  Lee Strobel served as a consultant and contributed a couple of the messages. In 2015, a pilot version of the curriculum was tested in about 30 churches. In 2016, it was revised and officially released.

In early 2019, significant revisions to the content and layout of this curriculum were made under the direction of Dr. Richard Knopp, Director of R4D. It was titled “Basic Questions.” Also in 2019, an entirely new website and an amazing mobile app were created. The website and mobile app are used to distribute the many resources in convenient digital form.

In late 2019, R4D received an additional grant to continue its efforts and expand its impact. It hired Dr. Zach Breitenbach as the Associate Director and Hannah Brimner as the Administrative Assistant and Technology Specialist.

R4D continues to develop is social media presence and online video outlets like Vimeo and YouTube. It is currently producing a 24-week lesson series for church high school ministries called “Learning to Love God in a World of Options.” In 2022, a pilot version of this series is being tested in a large church. It will then be revised and made broadly available to all churches.

Learning Opportunities

for conferences, conventions, camps, schools, and churches


R4D provides a variety of learning experiences. Live presentations are given face-to-face and online. In addition, the program continues to develop a variety of curriculum options. To see our curriculum options, click HERE. To visualize where our curricula have been used, see our usage map HERE.

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Recommended Resources

for church leaders, young adults, and teens


While many good resources are available to help one understand and defend the Christian faith, Room For Doubt periodically updates its recommended list of resources. They include the following:

  • Resources for Church and Christian Leaders
  • Resources for Teens and Young Adults
  • Resources on Science and the Christian Faith
Recommended Resources

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