Worldview Camp 2020

Pinehaven Worldview Camp
Aug. 3-6, 2020 (Mon-Thurs)

WELCOME!  This page is where you can get the lessons and related resources for Worldview Camp.

The lessons are provided by Dr. Richard Knopp and Dr. Zach BreitenbachRich is the Program Director of Room For Doubt and WorldView Eyes, and Professor of Philosophy & Apologetics at Lincoln Christian UniversityZach is the Associate Director of Room For Doubt and an Adjunct Professor at LCU.


Daytime Camp Lessons

  • Some lessons will be presented in a detailed lesson outline.  Just go through the lesson outline and learn what you can. The lessons will also offer links to recommended online videos for additional learning.
  • Some lessons will be provided in video form along with an outline.  It’s best to download the outline and use it while you watch the video.


Evening LIVE Interaction

  • Each evening, Rich & Zach will host a LIVE interaction and Q&A.
  • See the Zoom links below for recordings.

Monday Lessons & Resources

Tuesday Lessons & Resources

Wednesday Lessons & Resources

Thursday Lessons & Resources

For a preview, watch this video.