Apologetics Boot Camp - FREE!

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70% of churchgoing high schoolers report having serious doubts about faith (Fuller Youth Institute)
13% of 13-18 year olds profess to be atheists--twice the percentage of any other generation (Barna, 2018)

Dr. Zach Breitenbach (MA, MBA, PhD)

Zach is the Associate Director of Room For Doubt and an adjunct professor at Lincoln Christian University (LCU). Zach taught Bible, Apologetics, and World Religions to high school students at Northside Christian School in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has a BS in computer science and MBA from North Carolina State, an MA in apologetics from Lincoln Christian University, and a PhD in Theology & Apologetics from Liberty University.

Room For Doubt is offering a FREE Apologetics Boot Camp to teachers in Christian high schools, homeschools, public schools, churches, and camps.


LAST DAY TO REGISTER WAS JUNE 11. Registration is now closed.
We had 224 registered from 33 American states and 8 foreign countries!

Our culture is changing fast and Christian youth are asking tough questions about their faith. Unfortunately, many teachers simply don’t have adequate preparation to teach or incorporate apologetics in their work or ministry. The FREE Boot Camp provides expert training you can use.

What’s Included?

16+ Video Recordings
At least 3 Live Q&A Events
Powerpoint Presentations files with Detailed Lecture Notes
Student Handouts
Test Questions
Suggested Assignments
Recommended Resources
A Certificate of Achievement for Completion

Flexible Boot Camp Schedule

June – July 2021

June 1-11: Watch these presentations and use the included resources.


  • Introducing Apologetics
  • Religious Pluralism
  • Evidence for God: The Existence and Beginning of the Universe 
  • Evidence for God: The Design of Life
June 14-18: A live Q&A will be scheduled.
June 21-July 2: Watch these presentations and use the included resources.


  • Evidence for God: The Existence of Objective Moral Truth 
  • Biblical Basis for Social Justice
  • Near-Death Experiences
  • The Radical Self-Understanding of Jesus
  • The Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus
  • Biblical Reliability
July 5-9: A live Q&A will be scheduled.
July 12-23: Watch these presentations and use the included resources.


  • Suffering and Evil: If God, Why Evil?
  • Suffering and Evil: Free Will, Foreknowledge, and Hell
  • Meaning and Our Deepest Human Needs
  • The Nature of Jesus and the Trinity
  • How to Share Your Faith Effectively
  • The Nature of Doubt 
July 26-30: A live Q&A will be scheduled.

Apologetics Boot Camp Lessons

What is apologetics, and what are its main objectives? – Why is apologetics important and biblical? – What is truth, and how do we know truth exists?
Responding to two kinds of “religious pluralism” – Standing for truth while also being tolerant – What about people who’ve never heard of Jesus?
Leibnizian Cosmological Argument – Kalam Cosmological Argument
Fine-tuning of the universe – Information in DNA – Evolution – Scientism – Christianity & science
Moral argument for God’s existence – Meaning, value, purpose, the absurdity of atheism – Christianity best meets out deepest human needs
Explores the concepts of justice, human rights, & human equality – Reflects upon the need for a theistic moral foundation in order to have an objective moral duty to uphold justice & the dignity, rights, & equality of all humans
Evidential NDEs – The value of NDEs in apologetics
Jesus really claimed to be Messiah, Son of God, and Son of Man – These claims make it even more significant that Jesus rose from the dead as God’s validation of His claims
Discussion of four key facts: crucifixion, empty tomb, postmortem appearances, disciples’ sincere belief – Showing that naturalistic theories do not explain the four key facts
Discussion of how we can be confident that we know what the original biblical books said – Discussion of inerrancy and inspiration
What is evil? – Did God create evil? – Addressing three varieties of the problem of evil – God will destroy evil
Is human freedom compatible with divine foreknowledge? – Could a loving God send anyone to hell?
Atheism provides no basis for objective meaning, value, and purpose – Christianity meets our deepest human needs
Shows that the incarnation is coherent – Shows that the Trinity is coherent
Examines Greg Koukl’s popular book Tactics for sharing your faith – Practical tips for how to converse with unbelievers
Types of doubt – Special study on emotional doubt – Cultural and biblical reflections on doubt