Quarantine Questions about Faith

Need Some Good Ideas for How to Spend Your Time?

Are you quarantined or just spending a lot more time at home these days? Room For Doubt wants to help you, your family, and your friends have some valuable conversations about faith. Especially when we are reminded every day of the uncertainty of life, it’s even more important to discuss what it’s all about–if anything–with those we love most.

See the Suggestions Below!

Here are some resource options to help you have valuable reflections and productive conversations.

  1. Use Session 1 in our “Basic Questions” series, “Is Doubt Always Bad?” We are giving FREE access to this material on doubt, which is really important right now. The resources include the following. Use any or all of it however you want.
    1. A message manuscript. Although this is intended for pastors to use for their congregations, this can offer helpful information to anyone.
    2. An Adult Guide with questions on doubt.
    3. A Youth Guide with questions on doubt.
    4. A short video of non-Christians who are expressing their ideas about doubts. Show it and then discuss it.
  2. Watch and discuss our 6 minute video called, Why Do You Still Believe, Grandpa? It deals with meaning, mortality, morality, matter, living matter, and the Messiah.

    Here is a Discussion Guide.

  3. Watch and discuss our 2 minute video, An Introduction to Doubt. It briefly discusses doubt in our culture and in the Bible.

    Here is a Discussion Guide.

  4. Download our great MOBILE APP and use it yourself or with others.
    1. You can search by topics.
    2. Pick a topic, read through some relevant articles or watch the available videos, and then discuss it.
    3. You can even do this in a video chat with others as you view the app.
  5. Download and use our Recommended Resources that include suggested books, websites, and videos. Especially check out the recommended websites and the videos.  We have three:
    1. Resources for Church and Christian Leaders.
    2. Resources for Teens and Young Adults. (This source includes over two dozen suggested videos.)
    3. Resources on Science and the Christian Faith.

Youth Guide

Adult Guide

Why Do You Still Believe, Grandpa?

An Introduction to Doubt