Huddle Policies


The Huddle Mission

The mission of a Huddle is to be an expression of Room For Doubt in a local setting (e.g. in a church, college, campus ministry, Christian high school). A Huddle meets periodically to help participants grow stronger in the Christian faith and learn how to present and defend the Christian faith more effectively, especially to those who have sincere questions or doubts.


The Huddle Organization

  • A Huddle is led by a Captain and a Co-Captain who are formally approved by Room For Doubt.
  • The Captain and Co-Captain work together to plan, promote, and preside at Huddle meetings (face-to-face or online).
  • Room For Doubt provides instruction, resources, and ideas to help make make Huddles successful.
  • The Captain and Co-Captain periodically communicate with Room For Doubt about Huddle activities, participation, questions, etc.
  • The Captain and Co-Captain participate periodically in a “Big Huddle” (perhaps once per month) with the Room For Doubt Director (Dr. Richard Knopp) and Associate Director (Dr. Zach Breitenbach). The Big Huddle offers instruction and opportunities for interaction with leaders of other Huddles.

Huddle Formation: How to Become a Captain or Co-Captain

  1. Read and accept the Huddle policies.
  2. Submit a brief Captain/Co-Captain Interest Form.
  3. Room For Doubt will then send you a private link to complete a Captain/Co-Captain Questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask more about your Christian commitment, your understanding of the Christian faith, your current awareness of Christian apologetics, and your capabilities to lead a Huddle.
  4. If approved, you will receive information and resources to help you plan, promote, and implement your Huddle.

Captain/Co-Captain Expectations

  1. Exhibit a deep personal commitment to Christ, to a local church, and to the core beliefs and values of the Christian worldview.
  2. Possess a strong desire to help others better understand and faithfully live the Christian faith.
  3. Be devoted to the Huddle Vision–which means:
    • Plan Huddles that are informative, interactive, enjoyable, and encouraging.
    • Provide a cordial environment for candid questions and conversations about the Christian faith.
    • Produce genuine relationships among individuals who are curious about, or committed to, the Christian faith.
    • Present an appropriate focus on the core principles of the Christian faith.
    • Prepare Christians to give a confident defense of their faith.
    • Prompt non-Christians to consider, and hopefully become committed to, the claims of Christ and the core beliefs of Christianity.
    • Promote growing participation in Huddle activities through personal invitations, social media, email, announcements, posters, etc.
    • Portray a clear connection to Room For Doubt by using R4D materials, supplied graphics, etc.
  1. Report periodically on Huddle activities to Room For Doubt (e.g. brief descriptions of Huddle meetings, number of participants, participant contact information).
  2. Participate in a periodic “Big Huddle” (perhaps monthly) with the Director and Associate Director of Room For Doubt (Dr. Richard Knopp and Dr. Zach Breitenbach). The Big Huddles will offer instruction and encourage interaction among all Huddle leaders. 
  3. Be willing to make an initial 12-month commitment to a Huddle.
  4. NOTE: Currently, Room For Doubt requires no fee to register or operate a Huddle.

Benefits for Captains/Co-Captains

  • Receive FREE access to numerous Room For Doubt resources and lesson materials to use for the Huddle.
  • Receive prioritized assistance with questions about theology, apologetics, etc. from Room For Doubt staff.
  • Participate in a live video Big Huddle (scheduled periodically) with the Room For Doubt Director and Associate Director (Dr. Richard Knopp and Dr. Zach Breitenbach).
  • Enjoy valuable interaction with other Huddle leaders during the Big Huddles.

Guidelines for Huddle Social Media

R4D Huddles are encouraged to establish and maintain a social media presence (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Huddles that create social media profiles must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Profile names should include “R4D” or “Room For Doubt” and the word “Huddle,” followed by the brief description of your city/state of the Huddle. For example, R4D Huddle Lincoln, IL; Room For Doubt Huddle Lincoln, IL.
  • Use the provided Huddle logo in profile picture.
  • Update at least once a month by sharing content from R4D’s Facebook page, posting articles from, and promoting Huddle activities.
  • Posts should be consistent with the Room For Doubt mission and support the core values of Room For Doubt.
  • Links to non-R4D materials are allowed if relevant to the Huddle but should be posted in moderation and with careful consideration of the content. If you have questions or concerns about posting a particular article or quotation, contact Room For Doubt by email or phone (217-732-3168 x2580) for advice.
  • A Room For Doubt staff member should be included as an administrator or editor of your Huddle’s social media outlets.

Provisions for Huddle Dissolution

In unusual circumstances, registered Huddles may need to cease operations. The following procedures are relevant in such cases:

  • A Captain may request that a Huddle be de-registered by providing a written explanation for the request.
  • Room For Doubt may unilaterally de-register a Huddle due to inactivity, a lack of communication with Room For Doubt, failure to adhere to the Huddle policies, etc.
If you agree to these Huddle policies and would like to lead a Huddle, please submit a brief “Captain/Co-Captain Application.” You will then receive a private link to complete an online Captain/Co-Captain Questionnaire.
Captain/Co-Captain Application