“Strengthen Your Faith” Curriculum


This curriculum is currently FREE if used in a Christian CAMP (middle school, high school, or college). For very modest cost, the lessons are also great for NON-CAMP settings (e.g., church classes, youth groups, small groups, campus ministries, home schools, Christian schools, and families).

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Basic Description

  • This extraordinary curriculum is designed to strengthen the faith of Christian believers and help them be more effective witnesses. It covers a wide range of relevant and important topics. It provides teachers with a complete preparation and presentation manual. It also offers individuals the option of using the material for self-instruction.
  • It was written by experts and experienced teachers in the fields of philosophy, theology, and apologetics: Dr. Richard Knopp (MA, MDiv, PhD) and Dr. Zach Breitenbach (MBA, MA, PhD).
    • Rich is the Room For Doubt Director and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University.
    • Zach is a former Room For Doubt Associate Director and currently Youth Worldview Director at Connection Pointe Christian Church in Brownsburg, Indiana.

Key Features

  • Lessons are independent of other lessons, so you can choose whichever ones you want in whatever order you want.
  • Lessons are versatile and designed to be used either (1) by teachers or (2) by individuals for self-instruction.
  • Each lesson provides everything you need:
    • Lesson outlines for teachers. (“Hidden text” notes in Microsoft Word provide detailed explanations and answers for the fill-in blanks. PDF’s with, and without, hidden text are also provided.)
    • Student outlines with fill-in blanks.
    • Links to online recommended videos and other resources.
    • Questions for group discussion or personal reflection (along with suggested responses).
  • Because of the outline format, many lessons can be used for more than one teaching session.

Lesson Titles

  • “Apologetics”… Say What? 
  • Dealing With Doubt: Cultural & Biblical Reflections 
  • Dealing With Different Types of Doubt 
  • Dealing With Emotional Doubt 
  • How Our Deepest Human Needs Point To Christianity 
  • Who Is God? 
  • Evidence for God: The Universe Began
  • Evidence for God: The Design of Life and the Universe
  • A Moral Argument for God’s Existence 
  • Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus 
  • The Reliability and Authority of the Bible 
  • Why Does God Allow Suffering and Evil? 
  • Christianity: The Ultimate Basis for Justice, Rights, and Equality 
  • Truth and Tolerance 
  • Witnessing Made Easier: Strategies for Conversing with Unbelievers